BrainBlocks on Shopify

Step 1/4

1. Enter Your MyShopify URL

Not your public URL. Ex:

2. Create a Private App

Create a private app in your Shopify admin area.

Create App

Under Admin API set Orders, transactions and fulfillments to Read and write

You will need the API Key and Password fields.

3. Register

Copy and paste from your admin area
Copy and paste from your admin area
Address payments are sent to. Ex: xrb_14z4kpja5q1z7n5ukaafikk6cca384adia8utab8n3ar3patatxwd6ux8ghb

4. Add JavaScript to Thank You Page

Add this code in Additional scripts in your checkout settings

Go to Checkout Settings

5. Add Custom Payment Method

Go to Payment Settings
  • Select Create custom payment method under Manual payments.
  • Under Name of the custom payment method enter Nano
  • Click Activate

Then you're done!